The Thirty Day Poem Challenge: Day 8

Write a poem describing a color without using the name of that color.

Rogue ashes wisp away as burning
Embers guide the way,
Daring the prisoner to escape.

Over death and Death’s
Right hand,
Angels dance along the sand
Never leaving the bobbin
G skiff.
Everlasting is His name, they call.

Yahweh, its sound breathes
Looking around the sunlit shore and stepping int
O the boat, his fleeing heart begins to soar.
Why have I been chosen? Angels

Grant him this chance;
Raising their wings in grand romance
Ever-searching the horizon for their
Next command.

Beloved, we have come to help you.
Love has won.
Underneath your sadness, your woe, you know
Everything will be okay. You have been saved. He thought,

I must be dreaming.
Never would this happen to someone like me. He was
Depressed in his ways and
Indignant in his manners, but
Grace interceded.
Outward expressions of

Valiant gratitude
In the midst
Of insurmountable guilt–It was
Left at the wayside as
Every tear fell and
The angels bore him heavenward.

Rainbows are promises of all we can be tomorrow in the face of all we were yesterday. Although our stories are never the same, in this way, they are: His grace wins every time.


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