Rainbow Story Sessions: Cynthia Giles

As I was asked to write a rainbow story, a story about a moment when God saved me from something significant, it would be easy to choose any heart-gripping situation, and after many challenges, I know the enemy is after my treasure. The treasure I’m referring to isn’t the “golden pot” at the end of the rainbow. It’s my relationship with God, my relationships with others, and my purpose on this earth.

From my mother having a complicated delivery, to cracking my skull open at the tender age of 4, to terrifying collisions on the road, to a cyst that came back as benign, the list could truly overwhelm me if I described what the Lord has saved me from. I’m not sure how theological this statement is, but it feels like the enemy had a plan for my life since the moment I was conceived. In spite of God’s counter-punches and potter-to-clay miracles, I am most compelled to share a rainbow story about a time when God saved me from a lifelong critic: myself.

Isn’t it funny how you go to war with the person in the mirror every day?

cynthia 1

I go to war with this woman in the mirror more than I war with any other situation or relationship in my world. Through God’s grace, I’m learning to take responsibility for what I can change and operate from a position of forgiveness when the tragedy is out of my hands. I’ve been on an uphill roller-coaster, learning how to celebrate my journey without pride and correct my weaknesses without losing confidence. I’ve been at war since I was a little girl to love the woman I’ve grown into.

What the Lord has done to grow me as a person and save me from my own downfall is bring me into deeper intimacy with His Son by encouraging me to walk in a new identity.

As I wrestle through disappointing and obscure situations, I am affirmed about where lasting hope and significance comes from. Because God has allowed hard times that strip away what I deem as precious, I am forced to transfer my false “security blankets” for the secure sovereignty of God. He has saved me from making choices that lean toward my sinful nature by transforming rejection into protection and blockages into a redirection of new discoveries. As I’ve fought through addictions and poor habits, God has saved me from the lure of counterfeit comforts.

cynthia3Many of the comforts of this world are counterfeit because these “comforts” make promises they can’t keep, strip everything we consider valuable away from us, and throw condemnation on top of the addiction like the cherry on top of a highly poisonous sundae.

God hides me in His embrace so I can understand what it means to love Him and to love myself without limits. Thankfully, God has surrounded me with loving people who aren’t afraid to challenge me and offer encouragement. And the beautiful thing about the community I find myself in is the truth that my relationships are as diverse as the colors on the spectrum wheel. I have friends in their 70’s, 50’s, 20’s, and mentees in the teens. My relationships contain multiple races and ethnicities, with diversity in personality, and kingdom builders who strike this dark world like a glare of lightning strikes the night sky.

I thank God for bringing me face-to-face with my own sinful nature so I could be convicted into a face-to-face encounter with His Son. I thank God for allowing the valley because the pit teaches me how to surrender and put my eyes on Him. I thank God for stripping away what I deem as precious, along with every counterfeit comfort, so I can quench my thirst with a pure love this world could never fake. I thank God for loving me at my worst and not waiting until I had myself all cleaned up to use me. God is so good, friends. He has saved me from head-on collisions, but now I’m crashing into His presence, with divine appointments and the most glorious purpose…and when I hit the target, I’ll be repaid double portions of favor for past pain, and my testimony combined with God’s love will transform hearts and inspire lives.

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be [saved], as they are today.” Genesis 50:20, ESV

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Story Sessions: Cynthia Giles

  1. “Because God has allowed hard times that strip away what I deem as precious, I am forced to transfer my false “security blankets” for the secure sovereignty of God.” I’m slowing learning about God’s sovereignty. The word keeps popping up lately. Thanks for sharing your story, Cynthia. ❤️ and thanks for inviting others to share their rainbow moments, Megan. ☺️

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