About Me :)

My name is Meg.

I am here to help people. I am here for your encouragement, to give you aid when you feel like nothing can ever go right, and to guide you in your writing experience. I am here to help you become a better writer, warrior, and friend. Consider me your confidante.

I am a staunch believer in the power of words. They have the power to change a life–to build up self-esteem or to tear it down, to encourage a friend to reach her dreams, or to hinder that dream from ever coming true.

Words are my life. All day, everywhere, I see stories. It’s my job to transcribe these stories to the best of my abilities and share them with the world. You can see a glimpse of this here on this blog.

I’m just a girl with a loving God, a warm smile, a big heart, and a mind filled with her own books. I was made to change the world with my words, and I was made to encourage people and spread light, life, and love through my writing.

If you want to talk to someone, email me or find me on Facebook. I would love to get to know you! (Yes, YOU!) 🙂


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