Academic Writing

Meg Lynch’s Writing Skills

I learned a lot throughout the duration of my time as a student at Georgia Gwinnett College. These writing samples show my ability to learn and write in a classroom context. They showcase  all I learned in the various classes I took at GGC.

A Multi-Genre Project- Peer Tutoring

“My Future in Writing Consultancy” (PDF)

I completed this project for a Peer Tutoring class in which I learned a lot about the writing center as an institution and its practices in the lives of students. Around this time, I had also begun helping friends with their writing, and these two things ignited in my heart a passion for helping others with their writing. This grueling project taught me a lot about writing consultancy and what that job title might entail.

Proust Paper- Modern Fiction

Marcel Proust: the Man Behind the Madness (PDF)

In my Modern Fiction class, we read a book called, “Proust was a Nueroscientist” by Jonah Lehrer. The chapter about Marcel Proust particularly interested me, and I wrote my final research paper about him, using the information provided in Lehrer’s book and research that I had conducted.

Case Analysis- Management

Google Case Analysis (PDF)

This class was a basic gloss-over of what upper-management might look like and the skills needed to attain such a position. During this project, we analysed Google’s current company state and proposed a possible future for the company, as well as the entry of a new product to Google’s current available products.

In this project, I was the go-to person who put the paper together and decided the overall layout of the topics discussed, along with expanding and editing the various sections.

Song Explication- Advanced Composition

“Not About Wings” Song Explication (PDF)

I learned a lot about composition in this class, and for our last assignment, we were allowed to do an explication of a song of our choice. The song I chose was “Not About Wings” by the band Downhere. There are a lot of literary aspects to this song, and this assignment gave me a lot of room to go in-depth with my analysis.

Insight into Intuit- News Writing and Reporting

Insight into Intuit (PDF)

This article was written for the News Writing and Reporting class I took in the summer of 2011. It was the second article I wrote in this class, and was also the heaviest article regarding research and interviewing. I conducted two over-the-phone interviews and one face-to-face interview in order to get the information I needed for the article.

Character Sketches- Creative Writing

Character Sketches (PDF)

I wrote these character sketches for my Creative Writing class. Our assignment was to go to the mall or the store and “people watch.” After choosing a few people to describe for the class, we were to create private lives for the characters we viewed in public. This assignment was exciting for me to carry out because it combined my analytical perspective with my creative writing skills to create a fake life for a real person.


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