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Meg Lynch’s Writing Skills

Online writing, specifically blogging, is an area of writing that tends to be a bit overdone, particularly because of the simplicity of creating a blog. However, when trained in the right ways, a blog can be a work of art, continually changing and getting better, growing along with its author. I first started this blog as a project in my Writing and Digital Media class in college. I learned a lot about placement and wording for the online atmosphere in this class, and because I excelled in this area, I decided to continue blogging. These blogs are examples of how I write and format my blogs, along with how much I have matured in my writing.

Posts regarding my family’s journey with Parkinson’s:

“When Life Gets Hard, Choose Hope”

“So Far, So…”

“One of THOSE Days”


Regarding Writing:

“Making Your Muse”

“The Only Real Failure”

“Step One of Writing a Novel”

“Write What’s on your Heart”

“Seven Tips for a Successful Resume”

The Prisons Series:

#1 – “There is Freedom”

#2 – “To Bring the Prisoners Out from the Darkness”

#3 – “God Keeps His Promises”

#4 – “The Prophecies Fulfilled”

Blog feedback:

J. Blair Sanders– “Megan’s blog is very uplifting and inspirational. It puts me in a good mood every time I read it.”

Joshua Edmonds– “My favorite thing about Megan’s writings is the fact that I know that every line of text is 100% honest. There’s never an ulterior motive, just the intent to bare everything on the keyboard and connect with the reader. On Megan’s blog, you won’t find anything less than completely raw, unfiltered truth. And we’re all better off for it.”

Jenny Smalley– ” I just spent a long time going through each entry…I can’t wipe the infectious smile off my face that I seem to have contracted from your blog…You are such an inspiration to me. Keep going and believing, girl!”


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