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Meg Lynch’s Writing Skills

Online writing, specifically blogging, is an area of writing that tends to be a bit overdone, particularly because of the simplicity of creating a blog. However, when trained in the right ways, a blog can be a work of art, continually changing and getting better, growing along with its author. I first started this blog as a project in my Writing and Digital Media class in college. I learned a lot about placement and wording for the online atmosphere in this class, and because I excelled in this area, I decided to continue blogging. These blogs are examples of how I write and format my blogs, along with how much I have matured in my writing.

“Go Where You are Going”

This post specifically highlights growth in Christian living. While going through this passage, I learned that being a Christian means being deliberate about going through life. We were not meant to stumble along random, unforeseen paths in life; we are meant to chase after our dreams as though nothing can stop us. It doesn’t matter where we decide to go; it only matters that we go there, a distinct, tangible place with distinct, measurable goals.

“So Far, So…”

This one is such a heavy post, but it’s also very raw and honest. It’s a little poetic in nature, which, in my opinion, makes it more easily relatable to people. It has a relaxing ebb and flow and ends on an encouraging and inspiring note. It is by far one my best pieces of writing.

“Struggling Through Doubt”

Doubt is something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives, whether we doubt God, humanity, or even ourselves. In this post, I got down deep into what doubt is and how we can overcome it. I used the time-old parable of the mustard seed to emphasize how easy losing our faith can be.

Also, this was one of the first suggestions I answered. Having someone suggest a topic for a post helps me to be a lot more objective in my writing and viewpoint on any given subject.

“The Pursuit of, What, Exactly?”

I wrote this blog in response to the idea of the pursuit of happiness. I love the way this post builds upon itself, gaining momentum with every sentence. I performed this blog as a spoken word in 2013 and received a standing ovation.

“What Causes Us to Search for More?”

I was inspired to write this blog by the song “Mystery” by Shawn McDonald. The song itself questions why humanity acts the way it does, and this blog was my input in this melting pot of an answer.

Blog feedback:

J. Blair Sanders– “Megan’s blog is very uplifting and inspirational. It puts me in a good mood every time I read it.”

Joshua Edmonds–Β “My favorite thing about Megan’s writings is the fact that I know that every line of text is 100% honest. There’s never an ulterior motive, just the intent to bare everything on the keyboard and connect with the reader. On Megan’s blog, you won’t find anything less than completely raw, unfiltered truth. And we’re all better off for it.”

Jenny Smalley– ” I just spent a long time going through each entry…I can’t wipe the infectious smile off my face that I seem to have contracted from your blog…You are such an inspiration to me. Keep going and believing, girl!”


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