Editing Work

Meg Lynch’s Editing Skills

As a writer, I pride myself most in my ability to discern the best word placement and identify grammar issues efficiently and effectively. As an editor, I am able to recall the rules of grammar I learned in classes I’ve taken and fix issues in the best way, while ensuring easy reading for those who are interested.

As of March, 2018, my editing rate is now $35 per hour.

If you need a resume or cover letter, I charge $25 per resume and per cover letter; the rate for both is $40.

Manuscript Editor: Amber J. Fox’s The Homeschooling Housewife: Juggling it ALL, One Priority at a Time (2017)

homeschooling housewife cover“Do you find yourself trying to juggle all of your responsibilities and realize that you just can’t seem to balance them all? Do you wish you could keep up with all of the demands, with an attitude of dignity and grace? Well, hope is here! Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and let Amber’s words of wisdom speak to your heart. As a wife and homeschooling mom of seven kids, she’s been right where you are and her heart is to share her insight gained from years of experience and learning through trial-and-error, along with Biblical wisdom and guidance, to encourage moms in their calling.”

REVIEW: Megan is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, yet approachable. She made the editing process, a usually unenjoyable task, streamlined and pleasant. She took my writing, unpolished as it was, and refined it into a masterpiece I could take the credit for. Without her, I would have had nothing of the sort! I would highly recommend Meg to anyone looking for a professional and high-quality editor. Placing your work in her hands is absolutely the best way to end up with a polished work of art!

You can buy this book on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats.

Line Editor*: Dave King’s Author of Promotion: Discovering God’s Promotional Plan for You (2017)

AoP cover“This highly-recommended training tool promises to cultivate the way you view promotion and Godly leadership. Whether you are a leader looking to motivate teams to greatness or privately wondering how to achieve God’s promises, Author of Promotion will provide tangible answers to leadership and promotional questions for both entry level leaders and those with more experience.”

You can find this book on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats.

*I worked alongside a team of editors at Christian Editing Services in order to complete full edits for this book.

Manuscript Editor: Melodee Lane’s Piercing the Heart of Pegasus (2014) and Gemini Gate (2015)

piercingpegasus“Three women have gone missing in the small town of Blackwater Falls, S.C. Aden Garrett is a quiet teenaged girl, still struggling to cope with an accident that killed her father and left her small family emotionally battered when she becomes the abductor’s next target. Two parts romance, five parts mystery, sprinkle in some thrills, and serve it with a side of grits. Book One in the Blackwater Falls Series, Piercing the Heart of Pegasus quietly highlights the sometimes quirky, independent strength of its female characters.”

gemini gate“Book two in the Blackwater Falls Series, Gemini Gate continues to highlight the quirky strength of its southern female characters. It’s still summer in South Carolina and only a few weeks have passed since Aden Garrett and her fellow survivors escaped brutal captivity. A visitor to town adds a new wrinkle or three as Aden and her friends try to get back to some semblance of normal, but they’d been warned that the captor hadn’t acted alone. Relationships are tested and secrets are revealed as a long-awaited plan is put into motion. There’s no rest for the weary in Blackwater Falls.”

You can find these books on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats.

Manuscript Editor: David Brown’s Grounded: Anchoring the Evangelical Sermon in Theological Doctrine (2013)

grounded“For the past several decades studies on the internal workings of the evangelical church have reflected a movement away from solid theological teaching from the pulpit. Too often, sound biblical preaching has been replaced with prosperity sermons, business models, and self-help remedies that have produced a generation of believers that have become progressively ignorant of the Bible and Christian doctrines. Grounded: Anchoring the Evangelical Sermon in Theological Doctrine calls pastors back to their primary task of feeding the sheep. Author and pastor, David Brown examines twenty passages and builds an interpretation based upon historical, literary and grammatical methodologies, then provides a sermon outline for each passage. Both pastors and Sunday school teachers alike will find this book helpful in preparing sermons and teaching outlines that are anchored in theological doctrine.”

You can find this book on Amazon in both print and Kindle format.

The Reflection Magazine: Volunteer Copy Editor (2014)

the reflection

While I was the writer of the “Faith and Forgiveness” column in The Reflection Magazine, I also did a lot of background work. I was in charge of editing more than half of the articles submitted. This included (but was not limited to) poetry, short stories, inspirational features, and notes from the editor.

Notes on Teaching English: Editorial Assistant Intern (2012)

January through May of 2012, I worked as an intern with Dr. Daniel Vollaro as an editorial assistant. We set out at the beginning of the semester to revive an old print journal Notes on Teaching English as an online journal. I did a lot of work, including research about various aspects of an academic journal and composing pages such as “About,” “Submissions,” and “History.” I also edited several  articles that were published when the journal went online the following year.

Throughout the articles, I made grammatical edits as well as made comments in the articles pointing out confusing sentences and giving examples of how the authors could word their sentences better. I made sure to devote time to these pieces to make sure I read them correctly.

At the end of the articles, I wrote my overall comments in a neutral, blue color. Comments placed here included issues that continued throughout the entire piece. They ranged from incorrect citing of sources to even the focus of the piece itself. This helped the authors to understand my corrections more easily.

You can find this online journal here.

News Writing and Reporting: Copy Editor (2011)

Editorial Portfolio (PDF)

In my News Writing class, which was run like a newspaper, I took on the role of “Copy Editor.” In this role, I was assigned to read over the class’ articles for grammar issues and provide suggestions on how to make the articles better overall. I was also given the names of five students whose work I would read in-depth and make corrections. I was able to learn the AP style quickly and help students fine-tune their works while communicating why corrections needed to be made. At the end of the semester, I turned in an Editorial Portfolio which showcased some of the work I did in the class. I took screenshots of different works during the process of editing and described what I did in the process and how I helped the students through their writing processes.

Resident Assistant: Volunteer Editor (2010-2013)

Because of the peer leadership role I served in as Resident Assistant at Georgia Gwinnett College’s on-campus housing for three school years, I was able to work with the residents, editing their papers to help them in their scholarly journey. These are just a few things the students had to say:

Melody Orsot– “Megan took time out of her busy schedule to stop and read over my Biology paper. I have always struggled with grammar, so the corrections she made, no doubt, helped my grade. She was also professional about the whole thing, and explained why she made certain corrections. She helped me a lot!”

Jenna Van Gelderen– “Megan’s editing skills are very helpful and very strong. Last year, she helped me edit my papers, and I was surprised to see how much grammar she knew and see her strong ability to edit a paper like a teacher would. Overall, if I had to rate Megan’s editing skills from 1-10, I would rate them a 10.”


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